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% Eta Mundo Bom! (2016) *****Juliane Araujo(-)hand,otk
% Rent-a-Girl(1965) ? (Character: Harriet Grant)(-)paddle,bend over (e.g. table)
A$1000 a Touchdown(1939) Martha Raye(23)hand,otk
%10 Rules for Sleeping Around (2013) **Virginia Williams(35)hand,otk
%2 Fast 2 Furious(2003) **Eva Mendes(29)hand,standing
%21 & Over(2013) ****Josie Loren(26)paddle,bend over
%27 Missing Kisses(2000) ****Amaliya Mordvinova(27)belt,standing
%3rd Rock from the Sun(1996) ***Jane Curtin(49)hand,standing
%3rd Rock from the Sun(1996) **Kristen Johnston(29)hand,standing
%5ive Girls(2006) *****Jennifer Miller(-)ruler,bend over (e.g. table)
%A Fei zheng chuan(1990) **?(-)hand,lying
%A Fekete varos(1971) **multiple(-)birch,bend over
%A járvány(1975) ***multiple(-)cane,lying
%À l´aventure(2009) ***Lise Bellynck(-)hand,standing
%A Menina e o Estuprador(1982) **Vanessa Alves(19)hand,otk
%Aa bakudan(1964) ***Akemi Kita(24)hand,bend over
%Aap Ki Khatir(1977) ****Rekha(23)hand,otk
%Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy(1955) **Marie Windsor(36)other,lying
%Abre tu fosa amigo... llega Sabata(1971) ***Tania Alvarado(-)hand,lying
%Ace Ventura: Pet Detective(1999) **The witch Bonnie(-)other,standing
%Across The Wide Missouri(1951) ****Maria Elena Marques(25)hand,otk
?Adler vom Velsatal, Der (1957) Waltraut Haas(30)-
%Adrien(1943) **Paulette Dubost(33)hand,standing
%Adrift in Manhattan(2007) ****Heather Graham(37)hand,on all fours
%Agent secret FX 18(1964) **Margit Kocsis (?)(-)hand,over one knee
%Agente 3S3, massacro al sole(1966) ***Luz Márquez(31)hand,otk
xAggi Dora(1967) Bharati(-)hand,standing
%Air Hostess(1933) ***Evalyn Knapp(25)hand,otk
AAir Raid Wardens(1943) Margaret Roach(22)hand,otk
AAll by Myself(1943) Rosemary Lane(29)paddle,lifted
%All of Me(1984) **Victoria Tennant(34)hand,on all fours
%All-American Girl, The(1973) ****Peggy Church(19)hand,otk
%Ally McBeal(2000) ****Portia de Rossi(27)hairbrush,otk
%Alma Gemea(2005) ***Drica Moraes(36)hand,otk
%Alma indomable(2009) ***Kenya Hijuelos(35)belt,lying
%Alma pirata(2006) **Luisana Lopilato(19)hand,over shoulder
%Aloma of the South Seas(1941) ***Dona Drake(27)other,bend over
%Along Came Polly(2004) ***Jennifer Aniston(35)hand,lying
%American Dad(2013) *****Francine(-)hand,otk
%American Horror Story: Asylum(2012) **Jessica Lange(63)cane,bend over (e.g. table)
%American Horror Story: Asylum(2012) ****Chloë Sevigny(38)cane,bend over (e.g. table)
bAmerican Horror Story: Asylum(2012) ***Lily Rabe(26)cane,bend over (e.g. table)
%American Reunion(2012) **Valarie Kobrovsky(-)hand,standing
%Americans, The(2013) **Keri Russell(37)hand,on all fours
%Amor a Vida(2013) ***Fabiana Karla(38)whip,lying
%Amorous Adventures of Moll Flanders, The(1965) ***Kim Novak(32)cane,bend over
%anatra all´arancia, L´(1975) ***Barbara Bouchet(32)hand,lying
%And the angels sing(1944) ***see Remarks(-)hand,otk
bAngel(1999) ***-(-)-
%Anita - Swedish Nymphet(1973) **Erika Wickman (?)(18)hand,standing
%Año bisiesto(2010) ***Monica del Carmen(-)belt,standing
xAnthar l'invincibile(1964) Michèle Girardon(26)hand,otk
%Archer(2010) ***various(-)paddle,otk
xAre you there?(1930) Olga Baclanova(34)hand,lying
%Assassinio sul Tevere(1979) **Roberta Manfredi(23)hand,otk
%Assignment, The(1997) **Claudia Ferri(-)hand,lying
%Austenland(2013) ***Keri Russell(37)ruler,bend over
%Autumn Born(1979) ***Dorothy Stratten(19)cane,bend over (e.g. table)
%Ave Maria(1984) **Isabelle Pasco(18)birch,bend over (e.g. table)
%Avengers, The(1966) ***unknown(-)hand,standing
ABabes on Broadway(1941) Anne Rooney(16)hand,over one knee
bBachelor and the Bobby-Soxer, The(1947) **Shirley Temple(19)-
ABachelor Father, The(1931) Marion Davies(34)hand,otk
%Bachelor Flat(1962) Tuesday Weld(19)strap,bend over
ABack to God´s country(1953) Marcia Henderson(24)paddle,over one knee
%Bananas Boat, The(1976) ***Hayley Mills(30)hand,bend over (e.g. table)
ABandit of Sherwood Forest, The(1946) Anita Louise(31)hand,otk
%bar de la fourche, Le(1972) ****Isabelle Huppert(19)hand,lying
%Bat Masterson(1959) ****Rebecca Welles(31)hand,otk
%Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker(2000) ***Dee Dee Twins(-)other,standing
%Battle of the Sexes, The(1928) **Sally O´Neil(20)hand,standing
%Battles of the Chief Pontiac(1952) ***Helen Westcott(24)slipper,otk
%Bay Boy, The(1984) **Jane McKinnon(-)belt,bend over (e.g. table)
%Beauty and the Bandit (1946) Ramsay Ames(27)hand,otk
ABehave yourself!(1951) Shelley Winters(31)hairbrush,otk
%Behind the Mask(1946) ***Barbara Read(29)hand,otk
xBeichte einer Liebestollen(1971) (-)hand,otk
ABell Telephone Hour, The (1959) Patrice Munsel(34)hand,bend over
%Belle de Jour(1967) ****Catherine Deneuve(24)whip,standing
ABeloved Bachelor(-) ***Dorothy Jordan(-)hand,over one knee
%Beloved Infidel(1959) *Deborah Kerr(38)hand,otk
%Besos Prohibidos(1999) **Ximena Rubio(21)hand,bend over (e.g. table)
ABetween Us Girls(1942) Diana Barrymore(21)hand,over one knee
%Bewitched(1964) **Elizabeth Montgomery(31)hand,standing
%Bewitched(1967) ***Elizabeth Montgomery(34)hand,bend over
%Big Bad Mama(1974) ***Robbie Lee(20)hand,otk
%Big Bang Theory, The(2013) ****Mayim Bialik(38)hand,standing
%Big Bang Theory, The(2012) ****Mayim Bialik(37)hand,otk
xBig Sleep, The(1978) Joan Collins(45)hand,otk
%Big Valley, The(1965) ****Linda Evans(23)hand,over one knee
bBig Valley, The(1965) ***Lynn Loring(21)-
%Biscuit Teacher and Sugar Candy(2005) ***Gong Hyo Jin(25)cane,lounge position
%Bitch Slap(2009) **Julia Voth(24)hand,on all fours
%Black Narcissus(1947) **Jean Simmons(18)whip,lying
bBless This House(1972) **Sally Geeson(22)-
%Blood and Sex Nightmare(2008) *Niki Notarile(24)hand,otk
%Blood Mask: The Possession of Nicole Lameroux(2007) ***Elizabeth Di Prinzio(-)crop,bend over (e.g. table)
%Blue Hawaii(1961) ****Jenny Maxwell(20)hand,otk
%Bluebeard´s Eighth Wife(1938) **Claudette Colbert(35)hand,otk
%Boardwalk Empire(2010) **?(-)hand,bend over
%Boardwalk Empire(2011) **?(-)whip,bend over
bBold and the Beautiful, The(-) ***Katherine Kelly Lang(-)-
%Bonanza(1961) **Sue Ane Langdon(25)hand,over shoulder
%Bonanza(1965) ****Joan Hackett(31)hand,otk
%Bonanza(1964) ****Anjanette Comer(25)hand,over one knee
%Bored to Death(2010) *****Zoe Kazan(27)hand,otk
%Brass Teapot, The(2012) ****Juno Temple(23)belt,on all fours
%bricoleurs, Les (1963) ****Elke Sommer(23)hand,otk
ABride Came C.O.D., The(1941) Bette Davis(33)hand,otk
%Bride for Henry, A(1937) **Anne Nagel(25)hand,over one knee
%Brides of Christ(1991) ****Naomi Watts(23)ruler,bend over (e.g. table)
ABright Lights(1935) Patricia Ellis(19)paddle,standing
ABroadway Rhythm(1944) Gloria de Haven(19)other,otk
%Broken Dolls(1999) **Christie Levin(-)hand,otk
bBuffy the Vampire Slayer(1997) ***-(-)-
%Bunker Bean(1936) ****Louise Latimer(20)hand,otk
%Bus Stop(1956) ****Marilyn Monroe(30)hand,over shoulder
%By the Sword Divided(1983) ****Lucy Aston(-)cane,bend over (e.g. table)
%California Clan(-) ***Nancy Lee Grahn(-)hand,otk
%Californication(2007) *****Rachel Miner(27)hand,otk
%Californication(2007) ****Pamela Adlon(-)hand,on all fours
%camionero y la dama, El(1985) ****Gabriela Gili(40)hand,otk
?Capriccio(1938) Lilian Harvey(32)-
%Captain Lightfoot(1955) ****Barbara Rush(28)hand,otk
%Caras & Bocas(2009) ****Deborah Evelyn(43)hand,otk
%Caregiver(2007) ****Rachel Blaha(-)belt,kneeling
%Carmen di Trastevere(1963) ***?(-) lying
%Carmen la de Ronda(1959) **María de los Ángeles Hortelano(-)hand,lying
bCarrie and Barry(2004) ***Claire Rushbrook(34)-
%carrière de Suzanne, La(1963) ***Catherine See(-)hand,otk
%Carry on Cruising(1962) *?(-)other,standing
%Casanova(2015) ****Sarah Winter(-)whip,kneeling
xCasanova heiratet(1940) (-)cane,over one knee
%Casper´s Week End(1928) ***Thelma Hill(22)paddle,running / chased
%Cattle Annie and Little Britches(1981) ****Amanda Plummer(24)hand,lying
%Cech panen kutnohorských(1938) ****?(-)hand,over one knee
%Champagne for Cesar(1950) ***Celeste Holm(33)hairbrush,
%Charge of the Light Brigade, The(1968) ***Jill Bennett(37)hand,legs up
%charro y la dama, El(1949) **Rosita Quintana(24)hand,bend over
%charro y la dama, El(1949) ****Rosita Quintana(24)hand,otk
%Cheer Boys Cheer(1939) **Nova Pilbeam(20)hand,bend over (e.g. chair)
%Cheerleader Autopsy(2003) ?(-)paddle,bend over
%Cherry Picker, The(1974) ****Lulu(26)hand,bend over (e.g. table)
%Chinese Torture Chamber Story, A(1995) ****Yvonne Yung Hung(27)paddle,lying
%Chlapec do narucia(1986) ****Zuzana Skopalova(20)hand,bend over
%Chloe(1996) ****Marion Cotillard(21)belt,lying
%Chocolate com Pimenta(2003) **Samara Felippo(25)belt,lying
%Chocolate com Pimienta(2003) **Drica Moraes(34)belt,otk
%Cincinnati Kid, The(1965) ***Ann-Margret(24)hand,standing
%Cisco Kid, The(1950) ***Gail Davis(25)hand,otk
%Co-Ed Confidential(2007) ***Hanna Harper(25)hand,otk
%Coal Miner´s Daughter(1980) **Sissy Spacek(31)switch,standing
%Cock of the Air(1932) ***Billie Dove(35)other,lying
%Coconuts(1985) ****Olivia Pascal(28)hand,bend over (e.g. table)
%Come Play With Me(1968) ***?(-)strap,bend over
bComfort of Strangers, The(1990) *Helen Mirren(45)-
%Community(2010) *****Gillian Jacobs(28)switch,otk
%Compliance(2012) **Dreama Walker(26)hand,otk
%Cook, The(2008) ***Brooke Lenzi(-)paddle,standing
%Coronation Street(2010) **Kym Marsh(34)hand,standing
%Cosas de Casados(1984) ****Leticia Perdigón(28)hand,otk
%Cosi fan tutte(1992) ***Claudia Koll(27)hand,otk
%Cougar Town(2009) **Courtney Cox(45)hand,standing
ACount Three and Pray(1955) Joanne Woodward(25)hand,otk
%Cowcatcher´s Daughter, The(1931) *****Marjorie Beebe(22)strap,otk
%Crank(2006) ***Amy Smart(30)cane,bend over
%Crawl(2011) ****Lauren Dillon(-)hand,otk
%Cross My Heart(1946) ***Betty Hutton(25)hand,otk
%CSI: Crime Scene Investigation(2010) **?(-)hand,standing
bCSI: NY(-) ***(-)-
%Cul-de-sac(1966) ***Francoise Dorleac(24)belt,lying
%Daddy(1973) **Mia Martin(-)hand,bend over
%Dallas(1978) ***Victoria Principal(28)hand,bend over (e.g. chair)
%Dance of the Vampires(1967) ***Sharon Tate(24)hand,otk
?Dangerous Love(1988) ?(-)-
%dangerous method, A(2011) ****Keira Knightley(26)hand,bend over (e.g. chair)
ADaniel Boone(1964) Patricia Blair(33)hand,otk
%Danish Pastries(1977) ***Anna Bergman(?)(28)cane,bend over (e.g. table)
%Danni Lowinski(2013) ****Miryanna van Reeden(46)hand,over one knee
%Dark Secrets(1998) **?(-)whip,on all fours
%Das goldene Ufer(2015) *****Miriam Stein(27)cane,bend over (e.g. table)
%Das verrueckteste Auto der Welt(1973) ***Marion Winter(-)other,kneeling
%Davajte si pozor!(1990) *****Lubica Mruskovicova(-)belt,standing
%Day of the Locust, The(1975) ***?(-)hairbrush,lying
%Days of our Lives(1986) **Patsy Pease(30)hand,standing
%Days of our Lives(1985) ***Leann Hunley(30)hand,otk
%Dead Reckoning(1990) ***Susan Blakely(42)belt,
ADear Brat(1951) Mona Freeman(25)hand,otk
ADear Ruth(1947) Mona Freeman(21)hand,otk
%Death Valley Days(1969) ****Valerie De Camp(-)hand,otk
%Decision at Sundown(1957) ***Karen Steele(26)hand,standing
%Deep in the Valley(2009) ***Kate Albrecht(25)hand,on all fours
%Defilers, The(1965) ****Mai Jansson(24)hand,otk
xDemain nous divorçons(1951) Sophie Desmarets(29)hand,otk
%Der die Tollkirsche ausgräbt(2006) ****Emilia Sparagna(-)paddle,bend over
%Descendants, The(2011) **Shailene Woodley(20)hand,standing
%Desiderando Giulia (1989) ***Serena Grandi(31)hand,on all fours
%Desire(2011) ***Déborah Révy(24)hand,on all fours
%Desperate Housewives(2011) ***Eva Longoria(36)hand,lying
ADevil and Daniel Webster, The (1941) Anne Shirley(23)hand,bend over
%Dexter(2007) ***Jennifer Carpenter(28)hand,standing
%Diamond Ninja Force(1988) *Maria Francesca(-)whip,lying
%Diary of Forbidden Dreams Scene 1(1972) ***Sydne Rome(21)switch,bend over
%Diary of Forbidden Dreams Scene 2(1972) **Sydne Rome(21)hand,standing
%Dick Van Dyke Show, The(1964) **Mary Tyler Moore(28)other,running / chased
bDinner for Schmucks(2010) ***Lucy Punch(33)hand,otk
%Dirt(2008) ***Elisabeth Harnois(29)cane,standing
xDis-moi qui tuer(1965) ****Fiona Lewis(19)hand,otk
%Dobrodružství pod postelí(1997) **Jana Paulová(42)other,lying
%Docteur Jekyll et les femmes(1981) ****?(-)other,bend over (e.g. table)
%Doctor At Large(1957) ***Barbara Murray(30)hand,otk
%Doctor At Large(1957) *Muriel Pavlow(36)other,standing
bDoctor Who(2012) **Riann Steele(-)hand,otk
%Doctors(2010) ***Tracey Childs(47)hand,otk
%Dolina Issy(1982) ***Maria Pakulnis(26)whip,bend over (e.g. chair)
bDollhouse(2009) **Dichen Lachman(27)-
xDon't(1925) Sally O'Neil(18)hairbrush,otk
%Donovan´s Reef(1963) ***Elizabeth Allen(34)hand,over one knee
xDon´t Doubt Your Husband(1924) Viola Dana(27)hand,otk
%Don´t Take God´s Children for Wild Geese(1968) **Marlène Jobert(28)hand,standing
%Don´t Trust the B---- in Apartment 23(2012) ***Dreama Walker(26)hand,standing
%Dopisy v krajkách(2000) ***Lenka Kubálková(-)crop,lying
%Doris Day Show, The(1968) **Doris Day(46)hand,lying
%Dortoir des grandes(1984) ****Véronique Catanzaro(-)hand,lying
%Dos pistolas gemelas(1966) ****Mili & Pili(19)hand,lifted
%Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde(1941) *Ingrid Bergman and Lana Turner(-)whip,running / chased
bDr. Who(1964) **Carole Ann Ford(24)-
%Drákuluv svagr(1996) ****Martina Smuková(22)crop,standing
%Du rififi chez les hommes(1955) **Marie Sabouret(31)belt,
xDucky, Dear(1933) ?(-)hand,otk
%Dungeons & Dragons(2000) **Zoe McLellan(26)hand,standing
%DuPont Show with June Allyson,The (1960) Felicia Farr(28)hand,otk
%Duse jako kaviár(2004) ***Tatiana Vilhelmova(26)belt,bend over (e.g. table)
%Duvod k rozvodu(1937) ***Anny Ondra(35)hand,over one knee
%Dyden går amok(1966) ****Birgitte Federspiel(41)hand,otk
%Eastbound & Down(2009) **Sylvia Jefferies(40)paddle,standing
%Éducation anglaise(1983) ***multiple girls(-)cane,bend over (e.g. table)
?Einfälle der heiligen Klara, Die(1980) ?(-)-
bElementary(2013) **-(-)-
%Elena sì, ma... di Troia(1973) ****Carla Mancini(?)(23)hand,otk
%Elle et Moi(1952) ***Dany Robin(25) legs up
%Emergency Room(2006) ***Callie Thorne(37)hand,lying
%Emmanuelle à Venise(1993) ***Julie McLaughlin(-)whip,bend over (e.g. table)
%Esmeralda(1997) ****Esther Rinaldi(?)(-)hand,otk
%Espions à l´affût(1966) *****Anna Gaël(23)hand,otk
%Eternal Call(1973) ***?(-)whip,lying
xEverything in Life(1936) Gitta Alpar(36)hand,bend over (e.g. chair)
%Everything´s on Ice(1939) ***Leona Roberts(60)hand,otk
xExcess Baggage(1928) Josephine Dunn(22)hand,otk
xExchange of Wives, An(1925) **Eleanor Boardman(27)hand,otk
%Exotic Dreams of Casanova, The(1971) ****Terri Jackson(-)whip,bend over
%Eye of the Devil(1966) **Sharon Tate(23)whip,lying
%Eye on the Sparrow(1987) ***Ellen Idelson(26)hand,otk
AF Troop(1965) Jackie Joseph(32)other,otk
%Fabulous Senorita, The(1952) ****Estelita Rodriquez(24)hand,otk
%falco d´oro, Il(1955) ***Anna Maria Ferrero(21)hand,over shoulder
%Falcon and the Co-eds, The(1943) **Amelita Ward(-)hand,lifted
%Fallen Arches(1933) ***Muriel Evans(-)other,otk
%Fallo!(2003) ****Raffaella Ponzo(31)paddle,bend over
%Fame is the Spur(1982) ***Joanna David(35)hairbrush,otk
%Family Guy(2005) ***Lois(-)hand,bend over
%Fantasy Island(1980) ***Michelle Phillips(36)hand,otk
%Fast Sofa(2001) ****Jennifer Tilly(43)whip,on all fours
%Father Murphy(1982) ***Donna Wilkes(23)hand,otk
AFather of the Bride(1950) Elizabeth Taylor(18)hand,otk
%Favorit(2005) ****Natalya Tkachenko(-)switch,standing
%Federal Protection(2002) ****Dina Meyer(33)hand,lying
%Federal Protection(2002) ****Dina Meyer(33)crop,on all fours
%Female Animal, The(1958) ***Jane Powell(29)hand,otk
%Femme Nikita, La(1997) **Peta Wilson(27)cane,standing
%Fera radical(1988) ***Malu Mader(22)hand,over one knee
%Fidibus(2006) ***Lene Maria Christensen (34)belt,lying
%Fiebre de primavera(1965) ***Violeta Rivas(28)hand,otk
%Fifty Shades of Grey(2015) ****Dakota Johnson(26)hand,otk
%Fish Tank(2009) ***Katie Jarvis(18)hand,otk
%Fit to Kill(1993) **Julie Strain(31)hand,bend over
%Five and Ten(1931) **Marion Davies(34)hand,otk
%Flame of Araby(1951) ***Maureen O`Hara(31)whip,bend over
%Flash Gordon(1980) ***Ornella Muti(25)whip,lying
%Flavia(1986) ****various(-)whip,standing
%Fleming(2014) ***Lara Pulver(-)hand,lying
%Fleming(2014) ****Lara Pulver(34)belt,lying
%Flickorna(1968) ****Gunnel Lindblom(37)hand,otk
%Flight to Hong Kong(1956) ***Dolores Donlon(30)hand,otk
%Flintstones, The(1964) ****Wilma and Betty(-)paddle,bend over
%Floris(1969) ***Diana Dobbelman(30)hand,lifted
%Flying Down to Rio(1933) ***Dolores Del Rio(28)hand,otk
%Footloose Heiress, The(1937) ****Ann Sheridan(22)hand,otk
%For Them That Trespass(1949) **Vida Hope(31)hand,bend over (e.g. table)
%Forsaking All Others(1934) **Joan Crawford(29)hairbrush,lifted
%Frau Wirtin hat auch einen Grafen(1968) ***?(-)hand,otk
%Frauengefängnis(1975) **?(-)cane,lying
%Freaks and Geeks(1999) **?(-)other,standing
%From Russia With Love(1963) ***Daniela Bianchi(21)hand,standing
%Frontier Circus(1962) ***Anita Sands(-)hand,lying
%Frontier Gal(1945) ****Yvonne De Carlo(23)hand,otk
%Fuego en la sangre(2008) **Nora Salinas(32)other,otk
%Fuego en la sangre(2007) **Nora Salinas(31)hand,standing
AFuller Brush Man, The(1948) Janet Blair(27)hairbrush,otk
%Game of Thrones(2012) ****Masie Dee(27)hand,bend over (e.g. table)
%Gamer(2009) ***Amber Valetta(35)hand,standing
%Gata Salvaje(2002) *****Marlene Favela (24)hand,otk
%Gefährlicher Sex frühreifer Mädchen(1972) ****?(-)hand,over one knee
%Geheimnis der chinesischen Nelke, Das (1964) ****Olga Schoberová(21)hand,over one knee
%Gene Autry Show, The(1950) ***Gail Davis(25)hand,otk
%General Hospital(2012) **Kelly Sullivan(34)hand,standing
%General Hospital(2013) ****Laura Wright(43)hand,standing
%Gervaise(1956) ***Suzy Delair(39) lying
%Getting Gertie´s Garter(1945) ***Marie McDonald(22)hand,otk
%Gidget(1965) ***Brooke Bundy(21)hand,otk
%Gidget(1965) ***Sally Field(19)hand,bend over (e.g. chair)
%Gigi(1958) ***Leslie Caron(27)hand,otk
%Gin chap hak mooi gwai(2004) ***?(-)hand,legs up
AGirl from U.N.C.L.E., The(1966) Stefanie Powers(24)other,standing
%Girl on a Motorcycle, The(1968) **Marianne Faithfull(22)hand,standing
%Girl Shy(1924) ***Judy King(37)slipper,otk
%Go Trabi Go(1991) *Claudia Schmutzler(25)hand,standing
xGolden Arrow(1949) Paula Valenska(27)hand,bend over (e.g. chair)
%Gone with the West(1975) ****Elizebeth Leigh(-)paddle,bend over
%Gora Aur Kala(1972) **Rekha(22)hand,lying
%Graf Bobby, der Schrecken des wilden Westens(1966) ***Olga Schoberová(23)hand,over one knee
%graine et le mulet, La(2007) **?(-)hand,standing
%Gran aventura del Zorro, La(1976) **?(-)hand,over one knee
%Gran Sangre, La(2007) **Erika Villalobos(33)hand,otk
bGrand Canyon Trail(1948) **Jane Frazee (30)other,standing
xGrand Ole Opry(1940) *?(-)hairbrush,
?Grapes of Wrath, The(1940) (-)-
xGuest in the house(1944) Ruth Warrick(29)other,
%Guns of Fort Petticoat, The(1957) ***Kathryn Grant(24)hand,otk
%Gunsmoke(1962) ***Sue Ane Langdon(26)hand,otk
%Hab Mich Lieb(2005) ***Franziska Jünger(21)hand,otk
%Haiducii lui Saptecai(1970) ****Mariella Petrescu(?)(-)switch,standing
%Halbzarte, Die(1959) ****Romy Schneider(21)hand,otk
%halcon de Castilla, El(1967) ***Nuria Torray(33)hand,otk
%Halfway House, The(2004) ****Tomi X.(-)paddle,bend over (e.g. table)
%Halfway House, The(1944) ***Valerie White(-)hairbrush,over one knee
%Hannie Caulder(1971) **Raquel Welsh(31)hand,standing
%Happening, The(1967) ****Faye Dunaway(26)hand,bend over (e.g. table)
%Harem Knight, A(1926) *Madeline Hurlock(27)hand,otk
%Hart of Dixie(2013) **Jaime King(34)hand,standing
%Hart of Dixie(2011) **Rachel Bilson(30)hand,standing
bHart of Dixie(2012) ***Rachel Bilson(31)hand,standing
%Harvey Girls, The(1946) **Angela Lansbury(21)other,bend over
%Haus in Montevideo, Das(1951) **Ruth Niehaus(23)hand,over one knee
AHazard(1948) Paulette Goddard(38)hand,standing
%Hazing, The(2003) ****Susan Smythe(-)paddle,kneeling
%Headmistress, The(1968) **?(-)whip,standing
xHearts of the World(1918) Lillian Gish(25)whip,bend over (e.g. table)
%Heavy Metal(1981) **Taarna(-)whip,standing
%Helen of Four Gates(1920) *** Alma Taylor(25)whip,bend over (e.g. table)
%Henry IV(2010) ****Armelle Deutsch(31)hand,otk
%Heptaméron (Joyeux compères), L´(1973) ****Rosine Young (?)(-)hand,otk
%Her Big Night(1926) Laura LaPlante(22)hand,otk
%Her Favorite Husband(1950) ***Jean Kent(29)hand,over one knee
xHer Painted Hero(1915) Polly Moran(32)-
xHer Wedding Night(1930) ***Clara Bow(25)hand,lying
%Here´s Lucy(1974) ***Lucille Ball(63)other,standing
%Here´s Lucy(1968) ****Lucie Arnaz(-)slipper,over one knee
%High Lonesome(1950) **Kristine Miller(21)hand,bend over (e.g. table)
%Him and Her(2010) **Sarah Solemani(28)hand,on all fours
%Histoire d´O (1975) ****Corinne Clery(25)whip,standing
AHit Parade of 1943(1943) Susan Hayward(26)hand,otk
%Hitman(2007) ****Olga Kurylenko(28)crop,standing
%Hochzeitsnacht im Paradies(1962) ****Marika Rökk(49)hand,otk
%Holiday for Lovers(1959) ****Carol Lynley(18)hand,otk
%Hollywood Babylon(1972) ****?(-)hand,otk
%Home to Roost(1986) **Rebecca Lacey(21)hand,otk
%Honza málem králem(1976) ****Jorga Kotrbová(29)hand,over one knee
%Hot Pepper(1933) ****Lupe Velez(25)hand,otk
%Hotte im Paradies(2003) *****Nadeshda Brennicke(30)hand,otk
%House Bunny, The(2008) **Emma Stone (20)hand,otk
%Hubal(1973) **Malgorzata Potocka(20)hand,bend over
%Human Tornado, The(1976) ***?(-)hand,lifted
%Hustle(2010) **?(-)hand,bend over
%Hvis lille pige er du?(1963) ****Ghita Norby(28)hand,otk
%I compagni(1963) ?(-)cane,standing
%I Dream of Jeannie(1969) **Barbara Eden(35)other,standing
bI Dream of Jeannie(1966) ***Barbara Eden(32)-
%I Love Lucy(1951) **Lucille Ball(40)hand,lifted
%I Løvens tegn(1976) ***?(-)hand,otk
%I Spy(1966) ***Mary Jane Saunders(23)hand,otk
%Idle Hands(1999) ***Jessica Alba(18)hand,bend over
AIf You Could Only Cook(1935) Jean Arthur(35)hand,otk
%Il West ti va stretto, amico... è arrivato Alleluja(1972) *****Agata Flori(34)hand,bend over
%Iligos(1963) ***Zoe Laskari(21)hand,bend over
%Im Gasthaus zum scharfen Hirschen(1976) ***Christine Szenetra(-)hand,otk
%Immer die Mädchen(1959) ***Renate Ewert(26)hand,over one knee
%Immer Ärger mit dem Bett(1961) ***Senta Berger(20)hand,otk
%In the Navy(1941) ****Claire Dodd(33)hand,otk
AIn the Next Room(1930) Alice Day(25)hand,otk
%In Vlaamse velden(2014) ***Lize Feryn(21)cane,kneeling
%Incredible Torture Show, The(1976) ****?(-)birch,on all fours
%Infames(2012) ****Lisette Morelos(34)hand,otk
%Inherent Vice(2014) ****Katherine Waterston(34)hand,lying
%Inta habibi(1957) ***Shadia(28)hand,otk
AInternational House(1933) Gracie Allen(38)cane,otk
%Iron Maiden, The(1962) ***Anne Helm(24)hand,otk
%It Happened One Night(1934) **Claudette Colbert(31)hand,over shoulder
%Itty Bitty Titty Committee(2007) **Daniela Sea(30)hand,lying
%Jambon d´Ardenne(1977) **?(-)hand,otk
%Janika(1949) ***Ida Turay(42)hand,otk
%Jedanaesta Zapovijed(1970) *****Vesna Malohodzic(22)hand,otk
%Jeg - en kvinde(1965) ****Essy Persson(24)switch,standing
%jour et la nuit, Le(1997) ****Julie du Page(24)hand,lying
%Joyride(1996) ***Amy Hathaway(-)hand,bend over
%Judwaa(1997) ***Karisma Kapoor(23)hand,standing
%Juegos de alcoba(1971) ***Kikis Herrera Calles(-)hand,otk
%Juke Joint(1947) ***Katherine Moore(-)hairbrush,otk
%Julefrokosten(2009) ****Anne-Grethe Bjarup Riis(44)hand,standing
AJulie pot de colle(1977) Marlene Jobert(37)hand,over one knee
%June Bride(1948) ***Betty Lynn(22)other,otk
%jupons de la revolution, Les(1989) ****Olivia Brunaux(28)birch,bend over (e.g. table)
%Justine de Sade(1972) ****Alice Arno(26)ruler,otk
%Katiforos(1961) ****Zoe Laskari(18)hand,lifted
%Kaze no rondo(1995) ****?(-)ruler,standing
%Keep It Up Downstairs(1976) ****Françoise Pascal(27)hand,otk
%Kentucky Fried Movie(1977) **(-)whip,standing
%Kentucky Woman(1983) ****Cheryl Ladd(32)paddle,bend over
%Killer Inside Me, The(2010) *****Caitlin Turner(37)cane,
%Killer Inside Me, The(2010) *****Jessica Alba(29)belt,lying
%Killer Inside Me, The(2010) ****Kate Hudson(31)hand,lying
%Killer Party(1986) ***Joanna Johnson(25)paddle,bend over
%Kingkongeul deulda(2009) **3 girls(-)paddle,lounge position
%Kingpin(2003) ***Delilah Cotto(33)cane,
%Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects(1989) **Nicole Eggert(18)crop,bend over (e.g. table)
AKiss and Tell(1945) Shirley Temple(18)hairbrush,otk
%Kiss Me Kate(1953) ***Kathryn Grayson(31)hand,otk
%Klassenkeile(1969) ***Uschi Glas(25)hand,bend over (e.g. table)
%Knick, The(2015) ***Eve Hewson(24)belt,lying
%Kochegar(2010) **?(-)whip,lying
%Koenigswalzer(1955) ***Sabine Hahn(-)hand,otk
%Kona Coast(1968) ***Gina Villines(-)hand,over one knee
%Konketsuji Rika: Hamagure komoriuta(1973) ***Rika Aoki(-)cane,standing
%Kort Amerikaans(1979) ****Cristel Braak(19)hand,otk
%Kottentail(2004) **Kristin Abbott(-)other,kneeling
%Kratkiy kurs schastlivoy zhizni(2012) **Alisa Khazanova(38)belt,standing
%Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi(2001) ****Kajol(27)switch,lying
%L'amour n'est pas un péché(1952) ****Colette Brosset(30)hand,over one knee
%La Valentina(1966) ***María Félix(52)hand,over shoulder
%Laços de Família(2000) ****Deborah Secco(21)hand,otk
%Laços de Família(2000) ***Deborah Secco(21)hand,otk
%Laços de Família(2000) **Deborah Secco(21)belt,lying
%Lady Godiva rides(1969) ****Sheri Jackson(-)hand,lying
%Lady Jane(1986) ***Helena Bonham Carter(20)birch,bend over (e.g. chair)
%Lancer(1969) ***Stephanie Powers(27)hand,otk
%Land Beyond the Law (1937) **Linda Perry(25)hand,bend over
bLark Rise to Candleford(2008) ***Olivia Hallinan(24)-
%Las vías del amor (2002) ***Erika Garcia(-)hand,otk
%Law & Order: Special Victims Unit:(2012) **Anna Chlumsky(32)belt,on all fours
%Legal Tender(1991) ***Wendy MacDonald(-)hand,standing
%Licence to Kill(1989) ***Talisa Soto(22)whip,lying
?Liebe mit 16(1974) Simone von Zglinicki(?)(23)-
%Liebesgruesse aus Tirol(1964) ***Gitte Haenning(18)hand,otk
%Liebesschule der Josefine Mutzenbacher. Die(1987) *****Astrid Köhler(-)hand,otk
%Lies(1999) ****Tae Yeon Kim(23)cane,lying
%Life and Loves of a She-Devil, The(1986) **Julie T. Wallace(25)other,lying
%Life with Elizabeth(?)(1952) ***Betty White(30)hand,standing
%Lilyhammer(2013) ***Henriette Steenstrup(39)hand,bend over (e.g. table)
bLipstick Jungle(2008) **Lindsay Price(32)-
bLipstick Jungle(2008) **Lindsay Price(32)-
%Live Nude Girls(1995) ****Dana Delany(39)hand,bend over (e.g. table)
%Liver Birds, The(1972) ***Nerys Hughes(31)hand,lying
%Living Ghost, The(1942) ***Joan Woodbury(27)-
ALone Wolf and His Lady, The(1949) Collette Lyons(41)hand,otk
%Look for the Silver Lining(1949) ***June Haver(23)hand,otk
xLoose Ankles(1930) Loretta Young(18)ruler,standing
%Louie(2011) **Maria Dizzia(37)hand,on all fours
ALove and Learn(1947) Martha Vickers(22)hand,otk
%Love crimes(1992) *****Sean Young(33)hand,otk
%Love Is a Four-Letter Word (1964) ?(-)paddle,standing
%Love Sorry(1994) **Konstadina Mihael(-)hand,standing
%Love Street(1995) ***?(-)hand,otk
%Love Toy(1968) ****Pat Happel(-)hand,otk
%Love, Honor and Behave(1938) ****Priscilla Lane(23)hand,over one knee
%Lucky Star(1929) ****Janet Gaynor(23)hand,otk
%Lustige Witwe, Die(1962) ***Geneviève Cluny(33)hand,over one knee
%Lustschloß im Spessart, Das(1978) ***?(-)hand,otk
%lüsterne Türke, Der(1971) ***Ingrid Steeger(24)switch,lying
%L´Histoire très bonne et très joyeuse de Colinot Trousse-Chemise(1973) ***Brigitte Bardot(39)hand,otk
%L´Homme et l´enfant(1956) *****Nadine Tallier(24)hand,lying
%Maa on syntinen laulu(1973) ***Maritta Viitamäki(21)hand,standing
%Mabel's Dramatic Career(1913) **Virginia Kirtley(25)hand,bend over
%Mabel´s Wilful Way(1915) **Mabel Normand(20)paddle,bend over (e.g. table)
%Madame Claude 2(1981) ****Johanna Perkins(-)crop,kneeling
%Madame Hollywood(2002) ***Katie Lohmann(22)hand,otk
%Made in Chelsea(2012) ***Francesca Hull(27)paddle,bend over (e.g. table)
%Madriguera, La(1969) ****Geraldine Chaplin(25)ruler,otk
%majordome, Le(1965) ***Geneviève Page(38)hand,over one knee
%Makacs Kata(1943) ***Emmi Buttykay(32)hand,bend over
%Malliswari(2004) **Katrina Kaif(20)hand,over shoulder
%Mamma Ebe(1985) ***Stefania Sandrelli(39)hand,lying
bMan from U.N.C.L.E., The(2015) ****Alicia Vikander(27)-
%Man from U.N.C.L.E., The(1965) ***Eve McVeagh(-)other,standing
%Man from U.N.C.L.E., The(1966) ***Victoria Young(-)hand,lying
?Man lebt nur einmal(1952) ?(-)-
xMan nennt es Liebe(1953) Helen Vita(25)hand,over one knee
%Man nennt es Liebe(1953) ***Winnie Markus(32)hand,otk
%Man of the Forest(1933) ***Verna Hilli(19)hand,lifted
%María María(1990) ***Alba Roversi(29)hand,otk
%Martha(1967) *****Hanne Borchsenius(31)hand,otk
%Masque de fer, Le(1962) ****Claudine Auger(21)hand,over one knee
%Masters of Sex(2013) ****Ellen Wroe(25)hand,on all fours
%Matriarca, La(1968) *****Catherine Spaak(23)hand,otk
%Max Hell Frog Warrior(2002) ****Vicki Torres(-)hand,otk
%Mayhem Motel(2001) Lorene Scafaria(23)hand,otk
xMcFadden´s Flats(1927) Edna Murphy(28)hairbrush,otk
%McHale´s Navy(1964) ***Susan Silo(22)hand,otk
%McLintock!(1963) ****Stephanie Powers(21)other,otk
%McLintock!(1963) ****Maureen O´Hara(43)other,otk
%Meat Weed America(2007) ***see remarks(-)other,standing
%Medium(2005) *Patricia Arquette(37)hand,lying
%Mendol(2008) ***Takahashi Minami(18)whip,bend over (e.g. chair)
%Mettez du sel sur la queue de l'oiseau pour l'attraper(1982) ***Barbara Schnitzler(30)hand,otk
%Mexican Spitfire's Blessed Event (1943) **Lupe Velez(35)hand,over one knee
%Mexicana(1945) ***Estelita Rodriguez(18)other,otk
%Mi conejo es el mejor(1982) ***?(-)ruler,bend over (e.g. table)
%Midsomer Murders(2006) ***Caroline Goodall(47)switch,lying
?Mikosch, der Stolz der Kompanie(1959) ?(-)-
%Mirror Mirror(2012) ***Lily Collins(23)other,standing
%Misbehaviour(2008) *****see Remarks(-)hand,otk
%Misfits, The(1961) **Marilyn Monroe(35)hand,standing
xMistress Pamela(1974) Ann Michelle(22)hand,otk
%Moguls, The(2005) **Judy Greer(30)hand,otk
%Molina´s Ferozz(2010) ****Dayana Legrá(-)hand,otk
%Moll Flanders(1996) ****Robin Wright(30)birch,bend over
bMonty Python and the Holy Grail(1975) ****-(-)-
%Moonshine(1918) **Alice Lake(23)switch,over one knee
%Morde & Assopra(2011) ***Vanessa Giácomo(28)hand,otk
%More Than a Secretary(1936) ***Dorothea Kent(20)hand,otk
%Motel Confidential(1967) *****?(-)belt,lying
%Mrs. Miniver(1942) ***Greer Garson(38)slipper,bend over
xMuallaf(2008) ?(-)cane,standing
%Mujeres di mi general, Las(1951) **Lilia Prado(23)strap,lying
%Mulher(1997) *?(-)belt,lying
xMulher Desejada(1978) ?(-)whip,standing
%Mulheres Apaixonadas(2003) **Helena Ranaldi(37)other,lying
%Mulheres Apaixonadas(2003) ***Regiane Alves(25)belt,lying
%muñecas de la mafia, Las(2009) ***Katherine Escobar(30)belt,lying
%My Best Girl(1927) **Carmelita Geraghty(26)hand,over one knee
AMy Dear Secretary(1949) Laraine Day(29)hand,otk
%My Family(2011) *****Daniela Denby-Ashe(33)hand,otk
%My favorite Martian(1999) **Dawn Maxey(?)(-) bend over
%My Little Margie(1954) ****Gale Storm(32)hand,otk
AMy Man Godfrey(1957) June Allyson(49)hand,otk
bMy Man Godfrey(1936) **Gail Patrick(25)-
%Mytar(1997) ***Anna Molchanova(22)other,otk
%Mädchen mit der heissen Masche Scene 1, Das(1972) ***Marlene Appelt(?)(-)hand,otk
%Mädchen mit der heissen Masche Scene 2, Das(1972) ****Sybil Danning(25)hand,otk
%Naked Massacre(1976) **Leonora Fani(-)belt,kneeling
bNanny, The(-) ***Fran Drescher(-)-
%Napló gyermekeimnek (1984) **Zsuzsa Czinkoczi(-)hand,otk
%Naughty Flirt, The(1931) ****Alice White(27)hand,otk
%Naughty Nanette(1946) ***Dorothy Porter(-)hand,otk
%NCIS: Los Angeles(2012) ****Daniela Ruah(29)hand,standing
%Neptune´s Naughty Daughter(1917) ***Alice Howell(-)hand,over one knee
xneue heiße Sex-Report - Was Männer nicht für möglich halten, Der(1971) ?(-)hand,otk
%Neurotica(2012) ****Avalon Petersen(20)hand,bend over
%New Girl(2012) ***Zooey Deschanel(32)hand,standing
%Niagara Falls(1941) ****Marjorie Woodworth(22)other,bend over
?Nightcomers, The(1972) ?(-) lying
%Nighty Night(2004) **Julia Davis(-)cane,running / chased
bNip/Tuck(2007) ***Paula Marshall(43)-
%No basta ser charro(1946) ***Lilia Michel(20)hand,otk
xNo Defense(1929) May McAvoy(30)hand,over one knee
%No Soy Monedita de Oro(1959) ***Lucha Moreno(-)hand,standing
?Non sta bene rubare il tesoro(1967) ?(-)-
%Normal Adolescent Behavior(2007) ****Amber Tamblyn(24)hand,lying
%North West Mounted Police(1940) ***Paulette Goddard(30)hand,otk
%NYPD Blue(1994) **?(-)hand,standing
%O Cravo e a Rosa(2000) ***Adriana Esteves(31)hand,otk
%O líné Nitce a prstýnku s rubínem(1984) ****Martina Hudečková(20)other,bend over
%On Moonlight Bay(1951) ***Doris Day(27)hand,over one knee
%On the Beach(1959) **Ava Gardner(37)paddle,running / chased
%On the Up(1992) ***Judy Buxton(42)hand,
%Once an Eagle(1976) **Melanie Griffith(19)belt,lying
%Onkel Bill fra New York(1959) ****Helle Virkner(34)hand,lying
%onze mille verges, Les(1975) ***Claudine Bird(-)whip,on all fours
%Ost und West(1923) **Molly Picon(25)hand,over one knee
%Our Wife(1941) ***Ellen Drew(26)hand,otk
%Outcast, The(2015) ***Jessica Barden(23)belt,kneeling
%Outlander(2015) *****Caitriona Balfe(36)belt,otk
%Outlaws of the Desert(1941) ***Jean Phillips(27)hand,lifted
%Páginas da vida(2006) **Danielle Winits(33)belt,lying
xPainted People(1924) Mary Alden(41)hand,bend over
xPajamas(1927) Olive Borden(21)hand,bend over
%Pan Am(2011) ***Margot Robbie(21)hand,standing
xPanama Lady(1939) ?(-)hand,standing
xPanchatanthiram(2002) ***Devayani(29)hand,lying
%Papiny Dochki(2007) **Nonna Grishayeva(36)belt,running / chased
bParade´s End(2012) ***Adelaide Clemens(23)-
%Paraíso ya no es lo que era, El(2001) ****Ana Risueño(32)whip,lying
%Paris France(1993) ***Leslie Hope(28)hand,bend over (e.g. table)
%Park Plaza 605(1953) **Eva Bartok(26)hand,otk
AParyz - Warszawa bez wizy(1967) Pola Raksa(26)hand,otk
%Pasión de gavilanes(2003) **Natasha Klauss(28)hand,standing
%Passione(2010) **Bianca Bin(20)belt,running / chased
%Pecados Ajenos(2007) *?(-)belt,lying
%Peeples(2013) *****Kerry Washington(36)ruler,otk
%Penelope Pulls It Off(1975) *****Linda Marlowe(35)hand,otk
%People I´ve Slept With, The(2009) ***Karin Anna Cheung(35)hand,on all fours
%Perils of Mandy, The(1980) ***Gloria Brittain(-)cane,bend over
%Perola Negra(1998) **Patrícia de Sabrit(23)hand,over one knee
%Pervert(2005) ****Mary Cary(25)hand,on all fours
bPetticoat Junction (1963) ***Linda Henning(19)-
APicture Brides(1934) Mary Kornman(19)hand,otk
xPiger i trøjen 2(1976) Berrit Kvorning(27)hand,bend over (e.g. chair)
%Pimp(2010) ***Kate Sissons(30)whip,bend over (e.g. table)
%pistolocos, Los(1960) ****Tere Velázquez(18)hand,otk
%Please Sir(1968) ***Gay Hamilton(25)hand,otk
?Please Turn Over(1959) ?(-)-
%Poeten og Lillemor og Lotte(1960) *****Judy Gringer(19)hand,otk
%Poldark(1975) ***Angharad Rees(26)switch,over one knee
APollyanna(1920) Mary Pickford(28)hand,otk
%Por Amor(1997) ***Vivian Pasmanter(26)hand,otk
%Por tu amor(1999) ***Gabriela Spanic(26)hand,otk
%Postriziny(1980) ****Magda Vasaryova(32)other,standing
%Preaching to the Perverted(1997) ****Julie Graham(32)whip,bend over (e.g. chair)
%Prenez la queue comme tout le monde(1973) ****Monique Vita(?)(-)hand,lifted
bPretty Persuasion(2005) ***-(-)-
%Primitive Lover, The(1922) *Constance Talmadge(25)hand,
%Private Lives of Pippa Lee, The(2009) ****Blake Lively(22)other,otk
%Private Practice(2010) **Kate Walsh(43)hand,lying
%Pro urodov i lyudey(1998) ****Dinara Drukarova(22)birch,kneeling
AProblem Girls(1953) -(-)cane,standing
%Professional Sweetheart(1933) ***Ginger Rogers(22)hand,otk
bProject Moon Base(1953) ***Donna Martell(26)-
%Public Deb No. 1(1940) *****Brenda Joyce(23)hand,otk
bPublic Eye(1971) **Lesley-Anne Down(18)-
APunnami Nagu(2009) Mumait Khan(27)hand,on all fours
%Punta Grande(1996) ***Martina Schießer(-)cane,bend over (e.g. table)
%Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak(1988) **Juhi Chawla(21)hand,otk
%Ra.One(2011) **Kareena Kapoor(31)hand,standing
xRacket Cheers(1930) Marjorie Beebe(21)hand,
%Rainbow, The(1989) ***Sammi Davis(25)hand,lying
%Ramrodder, The(1969) ****Kathy Williams(-)whip,standing
%Rawhide(1963) ***Patricia Barry(42)hand,otk
%Rawhide(1960) ****Roxane Berard(-)hand,otk
%Reap The Wild Wind(1942) ****Paulette Goddard(32)hand,otk
%Reba(2006) ***Melissa Peterman(35)hand,standing
%Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm(1917) **Mary Pickford(25)slipper,otk
%Rektor på sengekanten(1972) **?(-)hand,otk
%Restless Gun, The(1958) ****Judi Meredith(22)hand,otk
%Ribald Tales Of Robin Hood, The(1970) ****Dee Lockwood(-)hand,otk
%Riddle Gawne(1918) ***Gertrude Short(-)hand,otk
%rige enke, Den(1962) *****Kirsten Saerens(32)other,over one knee
ARio Bravo(1959) Angie Dickinson(28)hand,lifted
xRitzy(1927) Betty Bronson(21)-
%Rock Island Trail(1950) **Adele Mara(27)other,over one knee
%Roda, tsanta & kopana no 2(1983) **two spankees(-)hand,bend over
%Romantic Age, The(1949) ****Mai Zetterling(24)hairbrush,otk
bRomantically Challenged(2010) ****-(-)-
bRome(2007) ***Alice Henley(-)-
%Room in Rome(2010) **Natasha Yarovenko(31)hand,bend over
%Roots of Heaven, The(1958) ***Jaqueline Fogt(-)hand,otk
%Rosa Salvaje(1987) Verónica Castro(35)hand,otk
%Rose-Marie(1928) Joan Crawford(23)hand,otk
%Round-Up, The(1966) ****Magda Schlehmann(-)switch,running / chased
%Route 66(1965) ***Diane Baker(27)hand,bend over (e.g. table)
ARuggles, The(1949) Erin O'Brien-Moore(47)hand,otk
%Rustlers(1949) ***Martha Hyer(25)hand,legs up
ASaddle Tramp(1950) Wanda Hendrix(22)hand,otk
%Sagebrush Troubadour(1935) **Barbara Pepper(20)hand,otk
%Sahara(1983) ***Brooke Shields(18)whip,running / chased
%Sailor´s luck(1933) ***Sally Eilers(25)hand,otk
%Saint prend l affût, Le(1966) ***Danièle Evenou(23)hand,over one knee
%Saint, The(1962) ****Erica Rogers(-)hand,otk
%Saint, The(1967) ***Annette Andre(28)hand,otk
%Salako(1974) ***Meral Zeren(24)other,running / chased
%Sandai Kozhi(2005) ***Meera Jasmine(-)belt,running / chased
%Sánkování není povoleno(1989) **Zuzanna Bydzovska(-)hand,standing
%Santo contra el cerebro diabólico(1963) ***Ana Bertha Lepe(29)hand,over one knee
%Sapne Sajan Ke(1992) ***Karisma Kapoor(18)other,bend over (e.g. chair)
%Sasiedzi(2004) *****Malgorzata Lewinska(33)hand,over one knee
%Satan´s School for Lust(2002) ***Ruby Larocca (?)(20)crop,bend over (e.g. table)
%Satisfaction(2008) ***Karen Roberts(-)cane,bend over (e.g. chair)
%Save Me(2013) *****Anne Heche(44)hand,otk
%Saving Grace(2009) ***Holly Hunter(51)hand,standing
%Saving Grace(2007) ***Holly Hunter(49)hand,lying
%Scandalo in Famiglia(1976) ****Gloria Guida(21)hand,lying
%Scaramouche(1952) **Eleanor Parker(30)paddle,otk
%Scheidungsgrund: Liebe(1960) ****Dany Robin(33)switch,otk
%Schneeland(2005) ****Julia Jentsch(27)switch,bend over (e.g. chair)
%Schneeland(2005) ****Julia Jentsch(27)switch,bend over (e.g. chair)
%schwarz-weiß-rote Himmelbett, Das(1963) ****Daliah Lavi(23)hand,over one knee
%Scrubs(2004) **Heather Locklear(43)hand,standing
%Scrubs(2004) ***Sarah Chalke(28)hand,bend over
%Sculacciata, La(1974) ****Sydne Rome(23)hand,otk
%Sea Devils(1937) **Barbara Pepper (22)hand,otk
%Secret Sex Lives of Romeo and Juliet, The (1969) ****Karen Thomas(-)whip,standing
%Secretary(2002) *****Maggie Gyllenhaal (25)hand,bend over (e.g. table)
bSeinfeld(1994) **-(-)-
%Sergeant Cork(1964) ****Madeleine Mills(-)hand,otk
%Serie Rose(1986) ****Anne Fontaine(27)hand,otk
%Serie Rose(1986) ***Kathy Kriegel (?)(-)whip,otk
%Serie Rose Scene 1(1986) *****Lucienne Bruinooge(-)switch,standing
%Serie Rose Scene 2(1986) *****Tina Shaw(-)switch,standing
%Sete Pecados(2007) ***Priscila Fantin(24)hand,otk
%Sette donne per i MacGregor(1967) ****?(-)hand,otk
bShameless(2015) ***Emmy Rossum(29)-
%Shandaar(1990) ***Meenakshi Sheshadri(31)hand,otk
%Shapeshifter(2005) **?(-)belt,on all fours
%She wrote the book(1946) ****Joan Davis(39)hand,otk
%Shehaweh(1992) ***Marina Orsini(25)crop,bend over (e.g. chair)
%Ship of Fools(1965) **Christiane Schmidtmer(26) standing
%Shoot Em Up(2007) ***Laura DeCarteret(-)hand,standing
%Siegfried und das sagenhafte Liebesleben der Nibelungen(1971) **?(-)hand,standing
%Sign of the Pagan(1954) **Rita Gam(27)other,standing
%Silent Madness(1984) **?(-)paddle,kneeling
%Simpsons, The(2001) **Marge & Homer(-)hand,bend over
%Simpsons, The(2005) ***Katja(-)other,otk
%Simpsons, The(1996) ***Marge(-)whip,standing
bSimpsons, The(2006) **Marge(-)other,
%Sin City(2005) ***Jessica Alba(24)whip,standing
%Singing Hill, The(1941) ***Virginia Dale(24)hand,
%Sissi - Schicksalsjahre einer Kaiserin(1957) ***?(-)hand,over one knee
%Six black horses(1962) ***Joan O´Brien(26)hand,standing
%Skin Crawl(2007) **Julian Wells(-)hand,otk
%Skipper Surprised His Wife, The(1950) **Joan Leslie(25)hand,
xSlatko od snova (1994) ?(-)whip,bend over
%Slave Huntress, The(2007) ****multiple(-)whip,standing
%Slaves in Bondage(1937) ***?(-)hand,lying
xSlippery Silks(1927) Caryl Lincoln(24)hand,otk
%Slow Motion(1980) ***Isabelle Huppert(27)hand,otk
%Small Town Boy(1937) ***Dorothy Appleby(31)hand,otk
%smania addosso, La(1963) ***?(-)belt,lying
%Sok hühó Emmiért(1998) ****Gabriella Gubás(24)hand,lying
%Sok hühó Emmiért (1940) ***Zita Szeleczky(25)hand,otk
%Solicito marido para engañar(1988) ***Patricia Rivera(-)hand,kneeling
%Something to sing about(1937) **Evelyn Daw(25)slipper,lying
%Sommer der Liebe(1992) ****?(-)hand,otk
%Son of the Beach(2002) **multiple(-)paddle,on all fours
%Sons of Anarchy(2008) **unknown(-)paddle,on all fours
%Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-a-Rama Scene 1(1988) ***-(-)paddle,bend over (e.g. chair)
%Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-a-Rama Scene 2(1988) ****-(-)paddle,bend over (e.g. chair)
%Sorority Girl(1957) **Barbara Crane(-)paddle,lying
%Sorority Girls' Revenge(2001) ***?(-)paddle,on all fours
%Sorority Girls´ Revenge(2001) ***?(-)paddle,bend over
%Soukromé pasti(2008) ***Berenika Kohoutová(18)belt,bend over
%Space-Thing(1968) ****?(-)whip,lying
ASpaghetti a mezzanotte(1981) Barbara Bouchet(38) otk
%Spencer´s Mountain(1963) **Maureen O´Hara(43)hand,bend over
bSpin City(2000) **Heather Locklear(39)-
bSpin City(1998) ***Connie Britton(31)-
bSpinout(1966) ***Elvis Presley(22)-
%Spiritual Kung Fun(1978) ***?(-)hand,otk
%Spread(2009) **Anne Heche(40)hand,standing
xSpring is here(1930) Inez Courtney(22)hand,otk
xStage Struck(1907) *?(-)hand,over one knee
%Stagecoach Kid(1949) ****Jeff Donnell(28)hand,otk
%Stampede(1949) ***Gale Storm(27)hand,otk
bStar Trek(1968) ***France Nuyen(29)-
%Stark Raving Mad(1999) ***Dorie Barton (-)hand,standing
%Starlet!(1969) ****Shari Mann(-)hand,otk
%Starlet!(1969) **Shari Mann(-)whip,kneeling
bState of the Union(1948) **Katharine Hepburn(41)-
%Steel Claw, The(1961) ***Charito Luna(-)hand,otk
%Story of O, The(1992) ***Claudia Cepeda(-)whip,standing
%Strange Girls(2007) ***Angela Berliner(-)paddle,lying
%Streamline Express(1935) ****Evelyn Venable(22)slipper,otk
%Stress-es tres-tres(1968) ****Geraldine Chaplin(24)hand,otk
xStrictly Spanking(1997) (-)-
xStrike Me Lucky(1934) ?(-)hand,lifted
%Strip Mall(2000) ***?(-)other,bend over (e.g. chair)
%Stronger than desire(1939) ****Rita Johnson(26)hand,otk
%Suave Veneno (1999) ***Letícia Spiller(26)belt,bend over (e.g. table)
%Sugar Rush(2006) ****Olivia Hallinan(22)hand,otk
xSummer Storm(1944) Linda Darnell(21) otk
%Superchick(1973) **Uschi Digard(25)whip,standing
xSweetest Thing, The(2002) **Christina Applegate(31)hand,bend over
xSweetheart of Sigma Chi, The(1933) Mary Blackford(-)paddle,otk
%Tábor padlych zien(1997) ****Eva Pavlikova(37)belt,bend over (e.g. table)
%Tai-Pan(1986) ***Joan Chen(25)switch,lying
%Takt og tone i himmelsengen(1973) ****Lone Hertz(34)hand,otk
%Tale of the Dean´s Wife, The(1969) ****Christine Murray(-)belt,lying
%Tale of the Dean´s Wife, The(1969) **?(-)hand,bend over
?Tales of Wells Fargo(1957) Diane Brewster(26)-
%Tall Man, The(1960) ****Cynthia Chenault(?)(23)hand,over one knee
%Taming the Wild(1936) ****Maxine Doyle(21)hairbrush,otk
%Tank(1984) ****Jenilee Harrison(25)belt,lying
%Tawan Yor Saeng(2010) ***?(-)cane,standing
%Temple Houston(1964) ***Julie Parrish(24)hand,otk
%Tempos Modernos(2010) ****Regiane Alves(32)slipper,otk
%Tender Dracula(1974) ****Miou Miou(24)hand,otk
%tentations de Marianne, Les(1973) **Rosa Fumetto(-)hand,otk
%Teodora, imperatrice di Bisanzio(1954) ***Gianna Maria Canale(27)hand,over one knee
%Tess of the Storm Country(1922) **Mary Pickford(30)other,standing
%Tess of the Storm Country(1914) ***Mary Pickford(22)whip,kneeling
%Thar She Blows!(1969) ***Shari Mann(-)hand,otk
bThat '70s Show(-) ***-(-)-
%There�s Magic in Music(1941) ***Susanna Foster(18)hand,otk
%Thibault, Les(2003) **Amira Casar(-)hand,lying
%Thin Man Goes Home, The(1944) ***Myrna Loy(39)other,otk
%This is the Life(1944) **Susanna Foster(20)other,bend over (e.g. table)
%Thomas and Sarah(1979) **Pauline Collins(39)belt,
%Three Girls About Town(1941) ***Janet Blair(20)hand,otk
%Thunder Mountain(1947) ****Martha Hyer(23)hand,otk
%Tickle Me(1965) ***Jocelyn Lane(28)hand,over shoulder
%Tierno verano de lujurias y azoteas(1993) *** Ana Álvarez(24)slipper,otk
%Tieta(1989) **Claudia Magno(31)hand,otk
%Til Death(2006) **Joely Fisher(39)hand,standing
xTimber Fury(1950) Nicla Di Bruno(-)slipper,
%Todo sobre mi madre(1999) *Penélope Cruz(25)hand,
%Tomorrow People, The(1975) ****Sandra Dickinson(27)hand,otk
%Too young to kiss(1951) *****June Allyson(34)slipper,otk
%Top of the Food Chain(1999) **Hardee T. Lineham(-)hand,bend over (e.g. table)
%Tordenskjold går i land(1942) ****Ingeborg Brams(21)hand,otk
%Tormenta, La(2005) ***Natalia Streignard(35)hand,otk
%Toxic Avenger II, The(1989) ***?(-)hand,lifted
%Tracey Takes On...(1997) ***Tracey Ullman(38)hairbrush,lying
%Train spécial pour SS(1977) *****?(-)hand,otk
%Transparent(2015) ****Amy Landecker(46)whip,standing
%Transporter: The Series(2012) ***Ivana Stojanovic(-)whip,standing
%Trasniti din N.A.T.O.(2009) ***Iuliana Marguerit(-)hand,otk
ATreat ´em rough(1942) Peggy Moran(24)hand,bend over
%Tres balas perdidas(1961) ****(-)hand,otk
bTrouble in Paradise(1932) ****Kay Francis(27)-
%True Grit(1969) ****Kim Darby(22)switch,lying
%Tsirk sgorel, i klouny razbezhalis(1998) **Kseniya Kachalina(27)belt,bend over
%Tuerkisch fuer Anfaenger(2007) ****Josefine Preuß(21)other,over one knee
xTugboat Annie Sails Again(1940) Jane Wyman(23)hand,
%Turks fruit(1973) ****Monique van de Ven(21)hand,otk
%Turning Point, The(1977) **Shirley MacLaine(43)hand,standing
bTwenty Thousand Streets Under the Sky(2005) **Sally Hawkins(29)-
%Twilight on the Rio Grande(1947) ****Adele Mara(24)other,otk
%Twinkle Twinkle Little Star(1983) ***?(-)other,lying
%Two and a Half Men(2010) ***Frances Fisher(58)hand,lying
%Two Broke Girls(2013) ***Kat Dennings(27)hand,bend over (e.g. table)
%Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps(2004) ***Alison Mac(-)other,otk
%Two Ronnies, The(1978) ***Kate O’Mara(39)paddle,lying
%Two Ronnies, The(1980) ***?(-)hand,otk
%Ugly Truth, The(2009) **Katherine Heigl(31)hand,standing
%Una bala marcada(1972) ****Maria Pia Conte(28)hand,otk
AUna colt in pugno al diavolo (1967) ****Marisa Solinas(28)hand,over one knee
%unbezähmbare Herz, Das(2004) ****Bettina Zimmermann(29)cane,bend over (e.g. chair)
AUnder Fiesta Stars(1941) Carol Hughes(31)hand,otk
%Underbelly(2008) ****Madeleine West(29)hand,otk
%Underbelly Razor(2011) ****Anna McGahan(-)hand,otk
%Unit, The(2009) ***Audrey Marie Anderson(-)hand,standing
%Univer(2009) ****Anna Khilkevich(23)belt,lying
AUnknown Movie(1940) Esther Howard(48)hand,otk
%Unnatural Causes(1986) ***Miranda Richardson(28)cane,standing
%Upstairs, Downstairs(1973) ***Lesley-Anne Down(19)other,otk
%Upstairs, Downstairs(1973) *Lesley-Anne Down(19)other,running / chased
%Vacanza del cactus, Una(1981) ***Graziella Polesinanti(38)hand,bend over (e.g. table)
xVacation from Love(1938) Florence Rice(31)other,bend over
%Vampires of Sorority Row(1999) ***multiple(-)paddle,bend over (e.g. chair)
%Vampires of Sorority Row II(2000) ***multiple(-)paddle,bend over (e.g. chair)
%Van de koele meren des doods(1982) ***Renée Soutendijk(25)hand,over one knee
%Vanessa(1977) ****Olivia Pascal(20)whip,bend over (e.g. table)
%Vani Rani(1974) ****Vanisri(26)hand,otk
%Vecinos en guerra(2013) ***Sheila González(-)hand,standing
%Vegre!(1941) ***Lili Muráti(27)hand,lifted
%Veronica's Closet(2000) **Mary Lynn Rajskub(29)hand,standing
%Verteufelte Zeiten(1968) ***Gisela Wessel(-)hand,over one knee
%Verteufelte Zeiten(1982) ***Herma Koehn(-)hand,over one knee
bVicar of Dibley, The(1996) ***Emma Chambers(32)-
%Victorious(2012) **Ariana Grande(19)hand,lying
%Vikings(2015) ****Karen Hassan(34)whip,standing
%Vild på sex(1974) ****Birgit Zamulo(22)switch,standing
%Villa del venerdì, La(1992) *****Joanna Pacula(35)hand,otk
%Virginia(2010) ***Jennifer Connelly(40)belt,lying
%Vis a vis(2016) *****Maggie Civantos(32)ruler,bend over (e.g. table)
%vivants et les morts, Les(2010) ****Marie Denarnaud(32)hand,otk
%Viver a Vida(2010) **Nanda Costa(24)belt,lying
%Viver a Vida(2009) ****Adriana Birolli(-)belt,lying
%Viver a Vida(2009) **Adriana Birolli(-)slipper,standing
%Vos gueules les mouettes!(1974) ***multiple(-)hand,over one knee
%Vous pigez?(1956) ****Yorick Royan(-)hand,otk
%Wagon Train(1964) ***Deborah Walley(23)hand,otk
%Wagon Train(1960) ***Susan Oliver(28)hand,otk
%Wake Up, Ron Burgundy: The Lost Movie(2004) **Christina Applegate(33)hand,kneeling
xWater Hole, The(1928) Nancy Carroll(25)hand,otk
%Weeds(2005) **Clare Carey(38)hand,lying
bWeeds(2008) ****Mary-Louise Parker(44)-
%Weeds(2010) *****Mary-Louise Parker(46)belt,bend over (e.g. table)
%Weeds(2012) *****Kat Foster(34)paddle,bend over (e.g. chair)
%Weeds(2008) ***Mary-Louise Parker(44)hand,standing
%Weeds(2008) *****Mary-Louise Parker(44)hand,otk
%Wenn mein Schätzchen auf die Pauke haut(1971) ***Uschi Glas(27)hand,bend over
%West of the Pecos(1945) ***Barbara Hale(23)hand,lying
%Westward the Women(1951) **Denise Darcel(26)whip,standing
bWhen a Man Loves a Woman(1994) **Meg Ryan(33)-
%When Strangers Marry(1933) ***Lilian Bond(25)hand,bend over
xWhere Are the Children?(1986) Jill Clayburgh(42)hand,otk
%Wildly Available(1999) ***Jennifer Sommerfield(-)whip,bend over (e.g. chair)
%Wilhelm Cuceritorul(1982) ****Christiane Jean(23)hand,over one knee
AWings for the Eagle (1942) Ann Sheridan(27)hand,over one knee
%Wiosna, panie sierzancie(1974) ***Malgorzata Pritulak(27)other,lying
%Witch Academy(1995) ****Priscilla Barnes(37)paddle,bend over
xWrong Way Back, The(1962) Patricia Haines(30)hand,otk
%X, Y and Zee(1972) **Elizabeth Taylor(40)other,running / chased
%Yamadonga(2007) ***Mamtha Mohandas(22)hand,standing
%You Must Get Married(1936) Frances Day(29)-
%Young Adam(2003) *****Emily Mortimer(32)cane,over one knee
%Young and the Restless, The(2010) ***Marcy Rylan(30)hand,standing
%Young Billy Young(1969) **Angie Dickinson(38)belt,lying
%Young Catherine(1991) ***Julia Ormond(26)other,standing
%Young Ideas(1943) ***Susan Peters(22)hand,otk
%Zebrácká opera(1991) ***Barbora Leichnerová(-)hand,otk
%Zenderman(1979) ***Sakura(-)hand,lying
%Zwanzig Mädchen und ein Pauker: Heute steht die Penne kopf (1971) *****Mascha Gonska(19)hand,otk