New foreign film with what looks like a bare bottom adult spanking (can anyone translate page?)
Posted by spankeroutoflurk 
This one is wholly unknown to me. I don't know what the words on the page (third link) are saying, but I'm sure there's a bare bottom in the picture. And the clip definitely suggests such activity might be in the film.
The bare arse is on a photocopy after the man who did the spanking sat on the copier. Old party joke.

The film is in Danish.
As specified by Willjohn, it's a Danish movie from 2009. The text on the page there is being linked to, are some of the comments made about the movie at the homepage of a Danish tabloid paper "Extra Bladet", as response to the generally lousy reviews the movie got from the professional reviewers. There are no real references to spanking in the text.

As for the spanking scene in the movie, it's basically a scene in the movie where the two characters in the scene have gone into the basement to get some more drinks for the party that is in full swing. The female character, under the influence of alchohol decides that she "needs" to be punished, because of what she does in her job (I believe. I didn't watch the movie when I came out...), and in that regards, she "exploits" the male character in the scene, who at that point has become rather "mentally challenged" (read: retarded), after he got an engineblock in the head, earlier in the movie.

In the scene, the female actor is well padded, so she doesn't in any way feel the otherwise quite real blows made to her arse with a leather belt. (A pitty really, as the female actor could bloody well use a good belting IMO...)

/Kyrel - And yes, I'm Danish ;-)

I'lll see if I can get the full scene!
Willjohn is correct; this is a Danish film.

Apropos of nothing in particular but still interesting, one of the supporting actresses named in the cast credits is Ghita Norby. She's older now, but back in the day, she was a beautiful blonde 20-something who was given an OTK spanking by Danish actor Dirch Passer, in "Hvis lille pige er du?" (1963).

Dan N.
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