Mainstream film four-older-schoolgirls public bottom-caning sequence! (Not in database, possibly new)
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This is a wonderful page and the trailer at the very top is quite amazing!

After a bit of distraction with boy caning (in either a mainstream Korean film or TV drama, not sure), this segues into an extraordinary sequence in which a wimpy-looking teacher canes a number of older schoolgirls on a stage in front of assembled parents, giving each three strokes.

The production values are incredibly high and it really feels like something very mainstream, but it incorporates ALL the great spanking themes in one scene: older schoolgirls; public punishment; mainstream film; caning over skirt on bottom (NOT calf, like virtually everything in other Korean caning sites like those of englishyoghurt (which, incidentally, is otherwise very good)).

Anyway, here it is, at the top of the page. Hope Valdor and Paul and Chross and others like it as much as I do.
It is not Korean, maybe Thai or Vietnamese.
A bit over dramatized but I always liked the mixed-unisex canning.
Good post
First of all, thank you so much, Chross, for linking to this letter as an acknowledgement of the research I did to find it and bring new mainstream spanking scenes to all, such as this one, Strange Girls, Sins of St Lucia, the Russian one, Dr Jekyll, Pretty Persuasion etc.

Second, thanks, Damian, for the comment. I welcome all comments and sometimes get frustrated at the lack of them, even though lots of people have viewed the clip.

Yes, you're right, it's Thai, I'd forgotten when I posted it. Also, I was intrigued by the way you phrased your comment: had you already seen this clip and is it not a new one?
Great find. I think the audience reactions shown are highly realistic for a culture in which corporal punishment is not widely accepted. Perhaps that's the way it is in Thailand, or whatever South Asian country this originates from. Looks like this was truly a slice of mainstream drama and not something served up for the benefit of a spanko audience. I wonder if the producers even realize that such a demographic exists.

Karl Friedrich Gauss

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KFGauss Wrote:
> Great find. I think the audience reactions shown
> are highly realistic for a culture in which
> corporal punishment is not widely accepted.
> Perhaps that's the way it is in Thailand, or
> whatever South Asian country this originates from.

I wouldn't be so sure about that, Karl. According to the Durex international sex survey, some 14% of Thais claim to be into spanking. True, that's a long way behind Macedonia, world spanko champs at 42% - closely followed by the USA (41%), Spain (41%), Greece (39%), Brazil (39%) and Serbia (37%). Still, it's a respectable figure, especially if you compare it with such vanilla countries as Taiwan (4%), Slovakia (4%), Germany (5%), Austria (5%), Hungary (6%) and Belgium (6%). The UK, btw, scores a 'could do better' 29%.

How about posting a link to the source of these data. I can't seem to find them in a cursory search of the durex pages. Interesting that the USA is so up there and Britain is not. I wonder if the Brits are telling the truth when they answer the surveys. And how do France and Canada rate?

Karl Friedrich Gauss
The figure you gave for Germany -- 5 per cent -- is WAY less than what I thought it would be.

During the years that spanking scenes were fairly common in mainstream movies, Germany probably produced the most. Even during the 1970s, after the USA had stopped showing us spank scenes -- probably because of the fem-lib influence in our country -- Germany still came up with the best scenes.

Germany's Das Mädchen mit der heißen Masche (1972), with American star Sybil Danniing, contained two of the best OTK spank scenes in all mainstream history.

If there is some site that lists these things other than Durex, it might be worthwhile to check their figures.


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Here's the reference:

The figures are from 2004. They seem to ask slightly different questions each year, and I've not found a more recent one that mentions spanking. Canada scores 33% on spanking, and France 19%.

Obviously, these figures need to be treated with plenty of scepticism, and I quoted them mainly for amusement. Impossible to know how truthful people are being, for a start. Also, it'd be useful to know exactly how the questions were phrased, and what respondents understood by them. For many people, 'spanking' might mean just a single friendly swat, rather than the thorough otk session that we'd envisage. From what I know of Greek society, I suspect that might apply there.

But as Dan says, cross-reference with other sources would be interesting.
I love that oriental spanking of those naughty schoolgirls being caned. I would have liked it better if there school tunics, were raised, and their knickers taken down. Then given six of the best with the painful pliable cane on their tender bare bottoms.
Any ideas where you can watch this caning scene? It was one of the best, but it was removed sad smiley.

Anyone have a copy they can upload?
The end of first video a nd start of this one
He should have whacked the prima donna's mother's arse while he was at it.
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