Wrestling spankings
Posted by Chross 
Re: Wrestling spankings
March 29, 2011 02:59AM
That was awesome!

Thanks for sharing!

Re: Wrestling spankings
April 10, 2011 10:48AM

kelly slap ass layla
Re: Wrestling spankings
April 10, 2011 08:43PM
At about 6:50 Mickie James spanks Rosita 5 times:

Re: Wrestling spankings
April 11, 2011 09:12AM
^^I just logged on here to post that one. It's pretty good!
Re: Wrestling spankings
April 12, 2011 05:24AM

maria again at 4:50
Re: Wrestling spankings
April 26, 2011 06:59AM
Seems Kelly Kelly just can't keep her hands off Layla's lovely bottom. She spanks her here at about :30

at the 8:10 mark here:

at the 3:25 mark here, also like how Michelle Mccool goes owww after Layla gets spanked:

Re: Wrestling spankings
April 26, 2011 09:28PM
Thanks so much for sharing those!

Nothing spectacular here, but Natalya turns around for a pre-match frisk from ref kelly kelly, and gets a smack for her troubles. She's the Kim Kardashian of the WWE, (large and well rounded ass but on the fatter side), so nice to see her get a smack.

Re: Wrestling spankings
May 05, 2011 05:51AM

Stacy KIEBLERRR!!! from eric bischoff back in wwf days
Re: Wrestling spankings
May 05, 2011 09:21PM
Nice, I don't remember seeing this, but I do know this had to be at the Raw Roulette episode in 2002, right after Bischoff spun the wheel and it landed on a paddle on a pole match for Stacy against Trish. So soon after this smack, Stacy was stripped to her bra and panties and given about 15 licks of the paddle by Trish; I remember it just went on and on, they started in the middle of the ring and the swats continued outside, just goes to show often Stacy's luscious rear end was reddened in the WWE's spank-happy days.
Re: Wrestling spankings
May 06, 2011 12:50PM
Last night Tna wrestling impact during velvet sky , karen angle jeff Jarette segement toward end velevt sky threathen to put/ bend karen angel over her knee and give her a spankin /slap her momma should of done long time ago. as karen was still accusing velvet of being kurt angel mistress velvet said after all over and done with she will she will bend karen over her knee and do what i said earlier hope there youtube clip of this somewhere

during the mix handicap match which was kurt angle velevt sky vs winter angelina love and jeff jarette with karen at ringside the spankin never happen but karen did get drag into the ring as kurt had jeff in ankle lock karen hung on to jeff hand got drag into the ring velvet tag her self into ring was going after karen but winter and angelina love attack velvet before velvet could get hands on karen. i just wish they would of least let velvet get hands on karen and wish the spankin would of had actually happen date is 5/5/11
Re: Wrestling spankings
May 06, 2011 03:19PM
Unfortunately this looks like the end of Velvet Skys involvement in this feud. They are bringing in Chyna of all people to be the mistress. We can only hope they somehow keep Velvet in the loop. Figures TNA would screw this up. Promising a spanking and then not delivering.. How hot would that have been, seeing Karen over Velvets knee. If only Paul Heyman was writing this you know it would have happened. Lets hope they are saving it for the PPV..
Re: Wrestling spankings
May 06, 2011 06:50PM
I wouldn't rule it out.
Re: Wrestling spankings
May 06, 2011 07:00PM
when is the wwe going to bring back the bra and panty matches man I miss them days
Re: Wrestling spankings
May 06, 2011 08:00PM
<iframe width="560" height="349" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/vleSyj3kE0Y"; frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

here is the video form what i was talking about earlier uwill have watch all way toward or u can move it toward when kurt come out
Re: Wrestling spankings
May 06, 2011 08:03PM

scroll toward end of video to hear the treath of velvet telling karen she will put her over her knee and do to her what her mommy should of done long time ago. or u can watch whole video if you want

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Re: Wrestling spankings
May 06, 2011 09:40PM
WWE has gone PG, you won't see bra and panties matches or spankings anymore. They have ties to Disney with movie deals, plus Linda McMahon has political ambitions..
Re: Wrestling spankings
May 10, 2011 02:56PM

One smack at 1:58
Re: Wrestling spankings
May 11, 2011 05:57AM
KElly kelly is keeping wwe divas alive

here is good ol wcw days

Re: Wrestling spankings
May 17, 2011 01:18PM

At 3:55. Kelly is becoming one of my favorite divas..
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