Alma Indomable (2009)

Spankings from soap operas or telenovelas (television serial dramas or soap operas produced primarily in Latin or South America)
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Alma Indomable (2009)

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I have re-cut the scene and enhanced it a bit
This is a scene from a telenovela (soap operas mostly from Latin America) that shows a spanking.
  • TITLE: Alma Indomable
  • ENGLISH TITLE: Untamed Soul
  • EPISODE: 73
  • COUNTRY: Venezuela
  • YEAR: 2009
  • SPANKEE: Kenya Hijuelos
  • AGE AT PRODUCTION: 35 (born 1974-08-28)
  • SPANKER: Isabel Moreno
  • HOW: lying, belt
  • INTENSITY: harder
  • CLOTHING: regular
This scene would have been great if it wasn't
Offscreen, so no smacks are really shown landing on the bottom.

My rating: 3 out of 5


Clip: ... 5BEQL5Lj==
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